Zuii Certified Organic Blossom Beauty Pack

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Zuii's Organics Blossom Beauty Pack contains the essentials to switch from your traditional makeup to an organic natural product. This pack contains:

  • Full Size Volume Mascara
  • Full Size Duo Sunset Palette eyeshadow
  • Full Size Helene Lip/cheek tint
  • Primer Sachet
  • Remover Sachet
  • Mint Primer Sachet




  1. Prep face with Primer sachet and Foundation or BB cream of choice.
  2. Brush Zuii eyeshadow onto eyelid with a sable brush. The sunset palette is perfect to contour your eyelid crease
  3. Apply 1-2 coats of the Volume Mascara to your eyelashes
  4. Using your finger tips or a brush, dab he Helene Lip/cheek tint onto your cheek bones and blend outwards and onto your lips.
  5. Remove the makeup at the end of the day with your sample of make up remover.
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