FLORA REMEDIA Detoxing Body Oil

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FLORA REMEDIA'S Detox Body Oil will help reduced the appearance of cellulite and water retention in body, while leaving your skin moisturised and nourished. With the benefits of feel good flower essences this will become a staple to your nightly routine.



Sunflower oil protects skin against damage caused by sun and ageing
Safflower oil anti-inflamatory and moisturising
Green tea extract help prevent skin ageing and sagging
Grapefruit essential oil stimulates lymphatic system to remove excess water and toxins
Rosemary essential oil to provide moisture
Fennel essential oil  to remove excess water and toxins
Lemon essential oil detoxifying and improves the look of dull skin
Juniper essential oil improves blood circulation
Vitamin E antioxidant to repair your skin
Crab apple cleansing
Impatiens Flower Essence to help relax and calm you
Larch Flower Essence an uplifting confidence building essence


Massage well into skin every day for two weeks and then every day thereafter. Most effective when left on skin overnight. Works best on tummy, thighs and bottom.

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