Gimme Clear by Indemne

Gimme Clear by Indemne

Posted by Rachel Hayes from She is a Dreamer on 11th Aug 2017

Guest Post from She Is a Dreamer

As someone who has to deal with some fairly unglamourous breakouts, I am always on the hunt for something that can help restore my skin back to healthy and radiant - without breaking the bank. Fortunately, in my skincare travels, I came across something that gets as close to magic as skincare can get.

Meet Gimme Clear, by Indemne - the all natural oil to combat acne, calm the skin and brighten the complexion. Yes. Oil to fight oil. You heard me right! It may sound counter-intuitive, but oils are actually packed full of goodness to heal, hydrate and protect skin with vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. By using harsh pimple fighting face washes you can be stripping your skin of all the natural oils and goodness that it holds, forcing the skin to overcompensate and produce excess sebum; resulting in even more congestion and oil.

Instead, look for oils that are going to help restore balance using ingredients that brighten, condition and calm the skin. Gimme Clear utilises vegetal oils, nourishing the skin and providing an anti-inflammatory for those who, like me, have red, angry looking breakouts. It immediately starts to soothe and reduce redness after applying and letting it soak into the skin.

Green Oregano is a powerful disinfectant for those of us who cannot help but ‘subconsciously’ touch the pimples or irritated places (stop it, you!). Lemon and Cinnamon Bark provide antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial agents. These ensure those pesky pimples don’t keep spreading and, together, brighten the skin and eliminate nasty bacteria.

The oil itself has a subtle, very natural smell which comes from the use of hemp oil and, almost too faintly to smell, cinnamon. Using it in the evening was preferable for me, as oil can affect the way makeup sits on the skin. I place a light moisturiser on, then any areas of my face that have breakouts, angry pimples or redness from irritation - I just pop a bit of Gimme Clear on a clean finger and then gently massage onto the troubled area.

Gimme Clear has helped me gain control over my hormonal breakouts and allows my complexion to be radiant, soft and healthy again.

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