Natural Volume with Less is More

Posted by Less is More on 8th Aug 2018

Want more hair: Volume styling makes your hair look fuller, livelier and stronger and creates from the roots.Less is more uses natural film formers for its organic volume styling, as well as certified … read more
Ingredient Focus - Rose

Ingredient Focus - Rose

Posted by Emma - Dietitian & Naturopath on 5th Jul 2018

The humble Rose has so many incredible benefits for the skin Rose is a potent ingredient in natural skin care with so many ways to use its derivatives. The scent of Rose alone is also inc … read more
Ingredient Focus - Gold

Ingredient Focus - Gold

Posted by Emma - Dietitian & Naturopath on 11th Apr 2018

Many culture believed in the restorative and healing powers of Gold, Romans used gold for healing wounds.The Egyptians believed it could cure all manner of physical, mental and spiritual ailments … read more
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